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The Sparks Brothers

27 Jul 2021 | 1 MINS READ

If there's one thing Edgar Wright knows it's how to entertain, and his latest release is no exception. The Sparks Brothers is a music documentary the likes of which we've never seen before. Along with some very famous talking heads, Wright takes us on a musical odyssey through the ages as the film recounts and re-enacts the life and times of Sparks – probably your favourite band's favourite band.

The number of musicians they've influenced is endless, but they've never quite occupied the limelight as they should have. This is something Edgar Wright wants to rectify as he shines a light on the musical genius of two brothers who were way ahead of their time. 

We've put together a playlist inspired by The Sparks Brothers – both the film and the band – including tracks by some of the musicians featured in the film, themselves inspired by the dynamic duo.

The Sparks Brothers is out in Cinemas this Friday