This Wi-Fi Terms of Use (“Terms”) apply to your access and usage of our wireless internet access (“Wi-Fi”) made available within any of the cinemas (“Cinemas”) provided by us, Curzon Cinemas Limited (Company No.: 00283280), with address at 20-22 Stukeley Street, London, WC2B 5LR, UK (“Curzon” or “we” or “us”), and are as defined below:

1. Introduction

Our Wi-Fi is made available to you if:

- You are a customer within our Cinemas, and are within range of our Wi-Fi system; and

- You agree to provide any data (including personal data) that is necessary for the essential running of the Wi-Fi via the device you access the Wi-Fi with, in accordance with Clause 5 (Your personal information) below and our Privacy Policy.

2. Support Section

If you have any questions about these Terms, or require any technical support, please ask a member of our staff. Alternatively, you may contact us by visiting our Contact Us page, or you may email our Customer Support team at [email protected].

3. Your consent to these Terms

By using our Wi-Fi service in our Cinemas, you confirm that you have read the Terms in full, and that you agree to be bound by them in full, as well as any third-party terms and conditions you may be asked to comply with. If you decide you do not want to be bound by these Terms or any third-party terms, or object to comply with any of the Terms, you may not access our Wi-Fi service.

4. Your warranties to us

In your use of the Wi-Fi, you warrant to us that:

  1. Personal Use - Your access is only for your personal use and internet access, and not for commercial purposes (whether that be for advertising or promotion) without the prior written approval of Curzon.
  2. Harmful Usage - You will not transmit, distribute, or upload any material, or take any action, which may cause a negative impact to our Wi-Fi, the normal operation of our Cinemas, or to other users accessing our Wi-Fi.
  3. IP and Copyright/Breach of Rights - You will not infringe on the rights and privacy of Curzon, on the user rights of other Wi-Fi users (e.g. capturing imagery, audio, or other recordings of other persons in our Cinemas without prior written approval from Curzon beforehand), or any other persons. Such rights include, but are not limited to, trademark, copyright, privacy, confidentiality, and any other intellectual property rights.
  4. Indecent Usage - You will not distribute, transfer, or communicate by any means (e.g. email, social media, private messaging, or other means) any information or materials deemed offensive, racist, obscene, menacing, defamatory, or causing unnecessary anxiety or distress to others.
  5. Illegal Usage
    You will not use the Wi-Fi for any unlawful, fraudulent, or dangerous act, including but not limited to:

      1. Any impersonation of another person (including the use of another persons’ credentials to access our Wi-Fi);
      2. Any activity which is connected with, supports, or advocates for terrorism; and
      3. The distribution of illegal materials.

      In the fulfilment of our legal obligations, we will report any such use of our Wi-Fi to the relevant authorities.
  6. Device Responsibility
    You have provided your own device that is compatible with our Wi-Fi, and it is your responsibility to ensure your device remains safe with our Wi-Fi system. Please ensure you have installed appropriate antivirus software, and that you keep all sensitive information protected/encrypted throughout your use.
  7. Software Usage (VPNs, Firewalls, etc)
    You will not (attempt to) bypass, modify, or remove any security measure employed for our Wi-Fi, whether that be a firewall, filter, or any other restriction. We cannot accept responsibility for damage to, or failure of, your device if you engage in any such activity.
    Please ensure that your device, and any software that you use on your device including any Virtual Private Network, are compatible with our Wi-Fi.
5. Your personal information

When you use our Wi-Fi, we may collect personal data about your device, such as its geolocation, volume of data used, websites and applications visited, and other usage metrics. All of the data collection is for purposes necessary to the function for the Wi-Fi only, and is fully compliant with UK data protection legislation. For further information about how we collect and use your personal data, please visit our Privacy Policy.

6. Fair Usage

We reserve the right to restrict certain activities, lower the connection speed, or to terminate your Wi-Fi usage if we believe your usage to be excessive to the point of detriment to other users.

7. Your security

You recognize that there’s an inherent risk of using a public Wi-Fi network, and though we will make every effort to make our network as secure as possible, we cannot guarantee the security or your privacy of the public Wi-Fi network. As such, you recognize that your use of our Wi-Fi network is entirely at your own risk and can make no guarantee of the safety of your equipment.

8. Third-Party Websites

We will endeavour to restrict access to websites or content that may be deemed harmful or illegal. We do not take any responsibility for any third-party content of other sites, nor for any data or content access, sent, or received from these third-party sites whilst using our Wi-Fi.

If you come across material or sites which you believe should not be accessible, please contact us immediately (see Clause 2 (Support Section)).

9. Availability

We provide our Wi-Fi service as a free-of-charge service exclusively for customers in our Cinemas, subject to Clause 1 (Introduction).

As we provide a public Wi-Fi service, we cannot guarantee that our service will be error-free and completely secure, and that our availability may be affected by conditions outside of our control.

We reserve the right to modify or disconnect the Wi-Fi at any time without notice or liability.

10. Non-compliance with the Terms

We reserve the right to investigate any suspected non-compliance of these Terms. We further reserve the right, if we believe that a breach of the Terms has occurred, to not only restrict, suspend, or block your access to the Wi-Fi, but also to take any other such corrective action as we reasonably deem appropriate (including referral of actions to the relevant authorities, government bodies, etc).

You hereby agree to indemnify Curzon against all claims, damages, costs, and expenses which arise out of a breach of Terms, or of any use of this Wi-Fi, by you.

11. Amendments to these Terms

We reserve the right to amend the Terms from time to time. Your usage of the Wi-Fi is compliant to the terms effective at your time of use.

Any amendment to these Terms shall be effective once they have been added to the Terms on this site. It is your responsibility to check for any changes to the Terms.

If you do not agree to comply with any amendment of these Terms, you must cease using the Wi-Fi.

12. Transfer of rights under these Terms

We reserve the right to transfer our rights and obligations under these Terms to another company. If this happens, we will ensure that you are informed of such a transfer, and that your rights under these Terms remain unaffected.

You may only transfer your rights and obligations under these Terms if you are provided with prior written approval by Curzon.

No other person shall have any right to enforce any paragraph of these Terms.

13. Severability of these Terms

Each paragraph of these Terms shall be separately enforceable. If any court, or other relevant authority, rules that any paragraph of these Terms is unenforceable, then all other paragraphs in the Terms shall remain in full force and effect.

14. Laws and disputes

These Terms shall be subject to, and governed in accordance with, the law of England and Wales.

All disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

No waiver by Curzon may be construed as a waiver of any breach of these Terms.

You agree to indemnify us against any claim brought against Curzon which is brought as a result of your use of the Wi-Fi.

15. Curzon's Liability

Our liability with respect to our Wi-Fi is exclusively as set out in these Terms. No warranties shall be given with respect to the service provided.

Notwithstanding death or personal injury arising out of our negligence, we are not liable in contract, tort, statutory duty or otherwise, for any loss of income, business, profits, or of that which is not reasonably foreseeable at the time entered into these Terms.