Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer any discounts on tickets?

Tickets are cheaper all day Wednesday across Curzon cinemas:

  • £11 tickets all-day Wednesday across London venues
  • £9 tickets all-day Wednesday across regional venues
  • £6 tickets all-day Wednesday for our Under 25 Members across all Curzon venues
  • We also offer discounts on peak and off-peak senior tickets.

You can read more about current offers on our Savings page.

Child & Adult Tickets

Those under 15 are eligible for child tickets. Over 60s can redeem senior tickets off-peak and we also have concessions for Under 25s.

What ID do I need to prove my age?

We will accept passports, student/validate cards as suitable forms of identification. All must clearly indicate the user’s date of birth.

What ID do I need if I purchase a student ticket?

We no longer sell student tickets in our cinemas, but we do offer an Under 25 membership that is free to join. Find out more about it here.

How do I book with a CEA card?

You can use your CEA card to book tickets in the cinema venue or through the phone line. You can also use our contact form.

Online booking functionality for CEA card holders is currently in development and is planned to become available in 2024.

How can I find out which films are showing in 3D?

Any film shown in 3D will have this format indicated by the 3D attribute on the film page(s).

Do you screen subtitled shows?

Films not in English are subtitled unless otherwise stated.

We screen closed captioned screenings for the Hard of Hearing and these are clearly indicated on our website. Look out for the 'Captioned' attribute which will appear next to the film screening. You can also filter Closed Captioned screenings under the preferences section of 'Now showing' and 'Coming soon' film listings.

Does Curzon do Meerkat Movies?

No, we do not offer this service. We do, however, offer cheaper tickets on Wednesdays. Visit our Savings page for more information.

Do you accept MUBI Go?

Selected Curzon Cinemas participate in MUBI Go.

Do you offer screenings for people with autism?

Yes, we offer weekly Relaxed screenings for people on the autism spectrum. The screenings have reduced volume levels, increased lighting, extra signage, relaxed seating arrangements, sensory-friendly amenities and designated quiet spaces. 


What time do cinemas open and close?

Cinemas open 30 minutes before the first show, regional variations may apply. Cinemas close for entry 20 minutes after the last screening begins. For further information, check the relevant venue page.

How do I book tickets?

You can either click on the Venues tab to book directly at your chosen cinema, or click on Films to see our current listings. Once you have selected your film or event, select your preferred viewing time, which will redirect you to the booking page to log in and complete your transaction.

How can I find out what's on and when?

The easiest, simplest and most accurate way to check what is showing is to view our Films page.

Do you have a booking fee?

Booking fees are £1 per transaction online and £2 per transaction via Curzon Support centre. Curzon members do not pay booking fees.

Do you allocate seats?

Allocated seating is available for the majority of performances, so you will have the opportunity to select your seats on the third page of the online-booking process. All other performances offer unreserved seating, meaning you are able to choose your seat once you enter the auditorium. We advise that you arrive at least 20 minutes early at peak periods.

What time do the films start?

The feature film starts approximately 20 minutes after the advertised programme time, with the exception of films showing at BERTHA DocHouse (5 minutes of trailers only).

Certain live special events do not feature trailers.

Curzon reserves the right to refuse admission to latecomers.

What are Pullman seats?

Pullman seats – are wider and offer more legroom – are located in the prime viewing position in most venues. Choose Pullman tickets when booking to allocate seats in this section.

I cannot attend my film. Can I get a refund?

Once purchased, cinema tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

What are the age restrictions for?

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) certifies all films in the UK. These age restrictions are designed to protect the viewer. Curzon Cinemas are obliged to ensure all guests meet the age requirements of the films they choose.

Children under 12 months are only allowed in our Baby Club screenings, where the sound is turned down to half. The reason why we don't allow children under 12 months to attend regular screenings is due to the risk of potential hearing loss as well as a disruption of the film for the other customers. 

Can a 12- to 14-year-old watch a 15-rated movie with an adult/parent present?

No, the BBFC requirements apply at all times.

Payments and discounts

Do you offer a group-booking discount?

Currently we do not offer group-booking discounts.

I have been double charged, what shall I do?

Please fill out the Contact Us form, and we will investigate the double charge and take appropriate action.

I was generally unhappy with my cinema visit. Who do I complain to?

Please fill out the Contact Us form.

Do you accept cash payments?

Yes, we accept both cash and card payments at our venues.

Private Hires

What is private hire?

At Curzon we provide services for a broad range of events. We will ensure that you get the most out of the facilities we have to offer – including top-quality technical facilities, spacious and attractive bar areas, and comfortable screens – while providing the support and experience necessary to make sure your event is a success.

Curzon Cinemas can help with all types of events:

  • Film Festivals
  • Cast and Crew Screenings
  • Filming Location Awards Evenings
  • Student Showreel Presentations
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Corporate Hospitality
  • Product Launches
  • Private Parties
  • Charity Fundraising Events
  • Seminars
  • Business Meetings
  • Networking Events

Curzon Cinemas can accommodate most screening formats and our friendly, knowledgeable technical staff will ensure the presentation is the best possible quality and runs without a hitch. We have a dedicated events team to look after your needs who will welcome you for a site visit to discuss your requirements, guide you through options for how to structure your event and ensure everything runs smoothly. Contact Us for further details.

Can I hire a screen for a special event e.g. a birthday party?

Yes. To receive a quote, please fill in the Contact Us form and use the drop-down to select 'Private Hires'.

How can I find out about hosting a film festival?

Send a brief overview of your festival requirements (plus any comments, queries or requests) via the Contact Us form and use the drop-down to select 'Private Hires'.

I'm a business and would like to hire a screen for a presentation can I do this?

Yes. To receive a quote, please fill in the Contact Us form and use the drop-down to select 'Private Hires'.

Gift Shop

How to redeem a gift card?

You can use your gift card to purchase tickets online by entering your gift card number at the payment stage. You can also use it in the cinema to purchase tickets or food & drink by presenting your gift card at the till.

If you don't spend the entire balance at once, don't worry – the remaining amount stays on your card for future use.

How to redeem a gift membership?

Visit the gift membership redemption page and enter the unique redemption code to activate your gift membership.

If any issues arise, reach out to our customer service team for help.

Curzon Home Cinema

What is Curzon Home Cinema?

Our at home service offers you quality curated new release films as well as classic and contemporary titles to watch from the comfort of your own sofa.

Please note that Curzon Home Cinema is only available in the UK & Ireland.

To find out more please visit

Where can I get help for Curzon Home Cinema?

For any Curzon Home Cinema queries, please consult our dedicated FAQ page, or contact our customer-service team on 01233 555644.


I represent a charity, how can I collaborate with you?

We have a select number of charities that we work with, but if you would like to enquire further, fill out the Contact Us form.

Where can I find more information about your company?

You can find more information about Curzon’s history and vision here.

I'd like to work for Curzon. Do you have any vacancies?

All current vacancies are advertised on our recruitment page.

I've lost something, what do I do?

If you are unable to return to the cinema, please fill out the Contact Us form, select 'Lost Property' and provide details of the cinema you visited and the item you have lost. Please note that, while we do our best to reunite customers with their lost property, Curzon Cinemas does not accept any responsibility for any items brought onto our premises.

Can I bring food with me in the screen?

Customers are not permitted to bring outside food and drink into our cinemas. We do, however, offer a wide selection of snacks, hot food and beverages that you can take into our screens. Please consult your venue's page to see the full menu.

Do I have to pay for 3D glasses?

3D glasses are available to purchase for £1.50 in our cinemas, or you can bring your own.

If you bring your own 3D glasses, please make sure they are passive polarized.


Is the Curzon Mayfair closing down?

• No, while the existing lease is due to expire in 2024, by default, Curzon is entitled to
a new lease in principle under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.
• Curzon’s existing lease is 25 years long and the length of the existing tenancy is a
factor to which the Court will have regard when considering the length of the new
lease to be awarded. The Court has the power to grant a new tenancy of up to 15
years’ length.

Is the Curzon Mayfair struggling?

• No, the boutique cinema sector continues to grow and Curzon are an integral part of
this within the UK. Our brand successful and has opened four new cinemas since
2021, with two new cinemas opening in the last six months in Canterbury and
• Curzon Mayfair is a thriving business regularly hosting red-carpet premieres.

Do you have support for this campaign?

• Yes, this is the second campaign to save the cinema which has been coordinated by
a local councillor with the backing of the local neighbourhood forum and wider
• A petition to save the Mayfair cinema has been signed by more than 19,000 people
of the last four months.
• The Cinema’s landlord previously sought to apply pressure in 2017 when the upper
floors were converted to residential use and the landlord demanded that costly noise
mitigation works be undertaken.
• At that time, a ‘Save the Curzon Cinema’ campaign quickly gained more than 27,000
signatures. The Mayor of London intervened to protect long established cultural
venues from ‘agent of change' from new neighbours complaining about long-existing

Why is Curzon automatically entitled to a new lease in principle and what is the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954?

• The Act is a piece of legislation which governs commercial tenancies across England
and Wales. It gives any tenant of a qualifying lease of commercial premises the right
to renew their lease after it expires at a market rent and on similar terms to its
existing lease. Tenants are entitled to apply to court to enforce those rights. The Act
remains a central feature of the UK commercial property market and has evolved
with the time.

• The Act was introduced to protect the commercial property market from spiralling
rents. Before the Act passed businesses who had built up a trade over years trading
in a particular location were vulnerable to landlords demanding rents well in excess
of the market value in exchange for a new lease. The Act prevented this practice by
giving tenants a right to a new lease and at a rent based on what was available in the
• Where the Act applies, Landlords have very limited ability to refuse the grant of a
new lease. They can only do so in reliance in specified circumstances, known as
grounds (a) – (g). They are: (a) the premises are in serious disrepair; (b) the tenant is
in significant arrears; (c) the tenant has seriously breached its lease in some other
way; (d) there is suitable alternative accommodation available; (e) the tenancy was
itself a subletting of part of premises which could be let for a better rent as a whole;
(f) the landlord wants to redevelop the property; and (g) the landlord intends to
occupy the premises for its own business.
• The tenant is entitled to put the landlord to proof on its alleged grounds of opposition
to granting a new lease and the onus is firmly on the landlord to establish that the
ground cited applies. In the case of (f) and (g) the landlord must not only genuinely
intend to redevelop/occupy but must show that it this intention is capable of being
implemented within a reasonable time.

Is the lease coming to an end?

• Curzon’s lease with the landlord is due to expire in March 2024 however the Curzon
accordingly has a statutory right to renew its lease on similar terms and at a market
rent unless the landlord can satisfy the Court that it can rely on one of the 7 grounds
to oppose a new lease being granted. Curzon has seen no evidence that the landlord
can rely on any of the grounds. The burden of proof to do so is on the landlord.
• Should the landlord seek to oppose the grant of a new lease on ground (g) (or any
other ground), Curzon would vigorously contest this at court and is confident that it
has robust grounds for doing so.

Is the redevelopment of the venue by the landlord realistic?

• While the landlord is entitled to bring forward plans, to date nothing has been
forthcoming. If the landlord does wish to redevelop the cinema and spend £15 million
changing the offering, there will a significant planning process to pursue, which has
not yet been done. Given the Grade II Listed status of the cinema, any proposals for
redevelopment would be full of uncertainty, a matter germane in any Court hearing
where ground (f) (redevelopment) is cited.

Can the landlord refuse to renew the lease to become an owner occupier themselves?

• As stated, Landlords have very limited ability to refuse the grant of a new lease under
the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. They can only do so in reliance in specified
circumstances, known as grounds (a) – (g). Clause (g) permits it if the landlord
intends to occupy the premises for its own business and become and owner
occupier. The Act requires the landlord to demonstrate not only that it wishes to be
an owner occupier but that this is achievable within a short time following the expiry
of the existing lease.

• Given the recent press release from the landlord announcing that they would invest
£15million in the venue it seems likely they will seek to rely on ground (g) as a basis
for refusing to renew the lease however no formal plans have been presented for
this. In addition to this, 38 Curzon Limited have no experience in being a cinema
operator so we do not believe that this is a credible argument.

Does the cinema need investment?

• Yes, we have comprehensive investment plans to carefully update the existing venue
while being careful to respect the listing and the designation as an asset of
community value recently awarded by Westminster City Council.
• We have been unable to invest as much as we wished in recent years as the landlord
had been refusing to give us security of tenure.
• We are proud stewards of the Curzon Mayfair and have ambitious plans to refurbish
the cinema to ensure the next generation of film goers can also enjoy the magic and
excitement of watching the latest film in this unique venue.